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Well done to all the 2023 Winners!

This is me, Becky Wright, I’m on stage with my partner and Lord David Triesman receiving my award for Innovation in Business. Just prior to this I was sitting in the audience thinking, I never win .... we are always too small. When I was called out as the winner... I remember looking across in total shock, I then punched the air and made my way to the stage like walking on air. We are very small as a company and often find ourselves competing against much larger Employee Assistance Programmes or CSR focussed companies. We have been a finalist before but never a winner. I so want to encourage you to enter, we are very small SME but like me, you add value to your community and with this award we got the opportunity to stand out and be seen. Being recognised was such a buzz my only advice to you is take lots of time with your application, get others to read it and see if they understand what you’re saying, provide as much evidence as you can and tell your story. You are all unique and it’s this which makes you stand out. The Bridgwater Chamber staff were a great help to me and support and it was so lovely to see their encouragement throughout

Becky Wright

New Leaf Life Design

"It was a late application after being suggested to me by a family friend (I had otherwise not heard of the awards) but recently seen more of a presence from the awards on social media. The application was straight forward but challenging, requiring condensed “to the point” answers. Once the application had been sent in it was a matter of waiting until one day I was pleasantly surprised to be congratulated as a winner. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the awards evening as it fell during lambing season and my duties were with the ewes in the lambing shed. The engraved glass trophy is stunning and the cheque even more so. Ultimately winning the award and the recognition of the work I had done was a great boost in confidence for what I’m doing with Levels’ Lamb. There is a great financial incentive to apply for the award. The money has allowed me to develop Levels’ Lamb branding and marketing tools; both online and material (banners, displays and flyers for food festivals). A portion has been allocated to investing in equipment for “in house” butchery and packaging in the future. I’d highly recommend applying!"

Howard Tratt

Levels Lamb

Wow – just wow! Not one but two awards – thank you soooo much – we’re still reeling from a wonderful evening and one we’ll always remember and no doubt recount often around the campfire! Over the past 13 years we’ve worked hard to create a place where folks from all walks of life can take a break from the rat-race and simply chill-out – whatever that means for them! Building this business as a family has been the fulfilment of a dream for us and watching our children grow into their roles has been the most rewarding experience of our lives together. Life is full of ups and downs and it’s these things that shape who we are and how we respond. Sometimes we get it right, other times we mess it up but if we can simply show value and respect to other people – whatever their background, colour or creed and leave them the better for having met us, we hope the world will be just a little bit better place to be whether their customers or not. Your award for both Family Business and Customer Service are a ringing endorsement to all we believe in – we are so very grateful – thank you for all the time and effort you put into the ceremony – we felt truly special! Jules, Sandra, Kelly and Steve

Julian Sayer

Petruth Paddocks Campsite

“We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Customer Engagement Award. The £1,000 bursary will make a huge difference and will be put to use by boosting our flood relief capabilities. The funding will be used to enhance our flood rescue equipment.  BARB Search and Rescue has high running costs and therefore help with funding like this is hugely appreciated and will be put to immediate good use.”  

Mark Newman


Eclectic Lemon have given us some details of how winning the Young Entrepreneur Awards has benefited them - “We have had an Eclectic Lemon Promotion banner made to take to our festival stages/other venues we program in the South West for promotion It has been used as a Budget towards our stage at Bridgwater’s Big Bash – Giving our local artist’s exposure to play to an audience of potentially 2000 people across the day. Promotional Eclectic Lemon T-shirts. It has also gone towards costs of our first series of Eclectic Sessions – Providing artists with a free music video to send to agents and use to promote themselves. First two videos published online please click here – 4 more to follow. We still have money left to put towards a new Project in Bristol to provide another platform for young artists to perform and promote themselves.”  

Robyn Taylor-Stavely

Eclectic Lemon

I started my business a couple of years ago. Before starting my business I worked as a chef , I then decided that I would be better off changing my career to cleaning as everyone needs a cleaner, people ask me about the competition I say that’s me. With all my hard work and determination I decided to enter the Sedgemoor Business Awards in 2015 for new business of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the nomination process. It was a case of taking part and meeting new people. I was shortlisted for the award and to my surprise I won the award for best new business. After the event I updated my LinkedIn status and I have been approached by two national cleaning companies offering new cleaning contracts. It has also given me confidence to develop my business further locally with other likeminded businesses. Having the know how and a "can-do" attitude is my key to success, and I never say "No".

Teresa Dagger

WPS Cleaning & Maintenance

"May I thank and congratulate all the team at Sedgemoor business awards as Micron Bio-Systems were honoured to have received the Best Small Business award at the 2015 Sedgemoor Business awards.   The process of application brought unexpected benefits that through pausing from the daily cut and thrust of working life to work on the application allowed us to engage colleagues and customers in the process securing valuable feedback from these key drivers.   The presentation evening was professionally administered and presented  and fully enjoyed by all members of our team and has certainly invigorated and motivated us as a company to continue to pursue our business aims whilst also giving back to both those who work with us and our valued customers."        

Mark Cox - Sales Manager

Micron Bio-Systems

"We were delighted to enter the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards and even more delighted to win the ‘Staff Development’ category. It was a great evening, really well organised, and a pleasure to meet so many like-minded business owners and their teams. Well done to the organisers for running a successful event celebrating the success of Sedgemoor businesses. Roll on next year’s event!” Richard Llewellyn, Senior Partner.

Richard Llewellyn - Senior Partner

Turners Optometrists

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