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The Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards Trust Fund

October 25, 2013

The Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards are a non-profit organisation, celebrating business success in Sedgemoor. We all are all aware of the current economic struggles that we face as a nation and how this has a major impact on many businesses, especially those that have just started trading.

To recognise the difficulties involved the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards have created a trust fund that will provide aid to selected business start-ups in Sedgemoor, We believe that by providing fledgling businesses with that extra bit of much needed capital in the form of a bursary this will enable them to grow more successfully.

The bursary consists of all profits raised from the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards, and will be available to businesses to apply for after the 21st March. Keep checking our website to find out more about when the bursary will be available and how to apply.

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